William Mulberry


Climate – Temperate forest
Community – Small city, around 12,000


Economic Status – Wealthy, owns large family estate

Social Standing – Noble, barons of the surround realm

Defense Readiness – Medium, excellent hunting experience supplemented with hired guards

Private Ethics – Fair, holds to the letter of contracts and agreements

Public Ethics – Normal, matches private ethics

Religious Commitment – Historical, worshiped Ehlonna for years but may not observe religious commitments consistently. This generation mildly worships but it is nothing very serious.

Reputation – Family is known as stalwart companions and good rulers

Political Views – Loyal Opposition, your family supports the current political structure but favors a change of rulers

Power Structure – Patriarchy, the male members control your family

Ancestors of Note – Successful Founder, an ancestor founded a community that still thrives


Early Childhood Instruction – Outdoors, learned basic wilderness survival skills;

Formal Education – Finishing School; educated in courtly manners and etiquette. Magic; studied “defenses against the dark arts” and learned ways to fight monsters and battle the influence of black magic.

Learned Trade – Hunter/Trapper; spent time seeking animal skins or meat in the wilderness.

Life Events

Early Childhood – Survived Major Danger to Community; flood, famine, plague, or another calamity struck when William was a child. Death in the Family; lost his mother to plague and became very close to his father after.

Youth Events – Battle, aided in the defense of the community against a marauding monster.

Pivotal Events – See above


Parents – one living, father

Siblings – four younger siblings, two brother and two sisters

Grandparents – all have passed away, same plague

Extended Family – None

Friends – Few, people he hunts with, some in noble circle, his mentor

Enemies – The Enemy of My Friend Is My Enemy, one of his friends has an enemy, and now that person hates you, too

Instructor – Lower Class, old hunter that has lived there his entire life and refuses a room at the estates for his cottage in the woods

William Mulberry

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