Migos Fehr


What you probably notice first is the fact that, while there is little breeze in the air today, the wind seems to whip this man’s long gossamer hair about his head as if he stood in a gale. His eyes are electric blue, and his teeth glisten pearly white. He wears a light blue surcoat with white trim, white trousers, and a white cloak, which also seems to have some unseen, unfelt wind tugging at it.


Migos Fehr is the son of Charad, a mysterious air ele-mental creature somehow related to the Prince of Evil Air Elementals, Yan-C-Bin. Charad descended upon the material world about a century ago and, in the guise of a suave and dashing human, produced offspring with a number of mortal women, then he did the same thing again 30 years ago. Migos and his siblings all retain the traits of their supernatural father. Migos seeks the remaining carriers of Charad’s bloodline. While he has found those from Charad’s more recent visit, he also seeks those who descended from his actions long ago. He believes that people of his bloodline have a destiny (he calls it a “holy destiny”) and that they are generally superior to others.

Specifically, he wants to fulfill an obscure prophecy called the Presage of Forms. This prophecy, originally spoken by the seer Talla 900 years ago, states that when six examples of the perfection of form gather together, they can unlock something called the Power Universal and gain access to its limitless might.

As it happens, Migos is completely wrong in thinking that the prophecy refers to his brethren, and he’s made other mistakes as well, which have discovered at Mount Malison.
To fully understand what is going on, one must realize that Migos has made mistakes compounded upon mistakes, blinded by his lust for power and his desire to actualize what he believes to be the superiority of his ancestry. Migos believes that the Presage of Forms pertains to him and his bloodline. He believes that the Malison is an old temple to the Elemental Air Gods. He believes that this is the place needed to fulfill the Presage of Forms and gain control of the Power Universal. He is wrong on all counts.

To realize the prophecy, Migos needs six “perfect forms,” which he believes are six descendants of Charad. Those six are Migos, Lara, Viggor, Rashen, Mertha, and Alexandria.

Misconceptions have brought Migos and his siblings to the Malison. Based on misreading of ancient legends and faulty translation of material found at the tower, he believes he needs the sword Nightslice to call upon the Power Universal, and that the calling must occur at night. The truth is, he does not need the sword at all, and attempts to call upon the Power Universal in the Malison are far more likely to summon a terrible undead monster.

Unfortunately, Migos and Lara mistranslated the word “night” each time to mean “air” and “give” to mean “show.” This place isn’t a temple of air elementalism at all, but a terrible, evil place of death, where one can call upon the “masters of night” and summon a undead nightwing (a type of nightshade). This temple was a curse upon the land—hence its name—that has not been used in centuries.

Migos Fehr

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